Lexi and Matt of TRE have been such a blessing to me as a rental owner

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Lexi and Matt of TRE have been such a blessing to me as a rental owner. Initially, I wanted to take care of managing myself to save the management fee. After two disastrous rental experiences, I just decided I needed help. To my surprise, I am making more money now using them. I was not aware that rental prices had increased so much. Second, they found a wonderful tenant (actually 3 to pick from) within a week of listing it. Third, their lease agreement requires a much higher deposit and spells out exactly what is expected upon vacating the house. It also includes the deposit penalty if that expectation is not met. Lexi was so helpful in setting priorities of things I should do as far as repairs from my previous, disastrous renters. There was no pressure to make everything perfect. In fact, Lexi was more concerned with my financial ability to do the repairs. The stress of owning rental property is gone. I know TRE is randomly checking on the house, collecting the payments and all other hassles that go along with rental properties. They even go to protest the property taxes! I can’t say enough good things about TRE!

Liz Armstrong

Rental owner of property in South Austin “Circle C

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