Our Happy Customers

  • I got in touch with Matt and Lexi even before they started their property management business, and their sincere passion for real estate and starting  a business made me trust them from the get-go. Since then, I have had a great experience working with both of them. They are prompt with communication, proactive with taking care of the property, and aim at delivering extra value wherever they can. I highly recommend them for your property management needs.


    Rental owner in Round Rock, TX. First owner with TRE

    aim at delivering extra value wherever they can
  • Lexi and Matt Teifke took over property management for me nearly 2 years ago. I am an active investor and have 14 properties. I realized most of them were not bringing in market rent and needed quite a bit of maintenance. Most tenants were paying late routinely. My past property manager was not doing their job.

    When I brought Matt and Lexi in, they did a walk-through of every property, assessing them for maintenance needs. They weeded out tenants who were not taking good care of the property and began bringing them all to current market rate.  Now, all my properties are up to maintenance expectations and are all at market rent.

    TRE is extremely responsive and always work to meet the specific needs of each client. I am proud to recommend them and support the growth of their company.

    Kim Wheeler

    Rental owner in Austin. After TRE taking over her portfolio, she nets an additional $40k annually

    Now, all my properties are up to maintenance expectations and are all at market rent.
  • Lexi and her team at TRE have been nothing short of amazing to work with thus far! Lexi is extremely responsive, respectful, knowledgeable and honestly, just makes owning an investment property a breeze. Being in real estate myself, I considered self-managing our property, but am so happy that we chose Lexi to handle the details for us. She’s great! Also, pricing is right in the middle of the spectrum to my knowledge.

    Lauren & Austin Schauer

    Rental owners of property in Round Rock, TX

    Lexi and her team at TRE have been nothing short of amazing
  • Lexi and Matt of TRE have been such a blessing to me as a rental owner. Initially, I wanted to take care of managing myself to save the management fee. After two disastrous rental experiences, I just decided I needed help. To my surprise, I am making more money now using them. I was not aware that rental prices had increased so much. Second, they found a wonderful tenant (actually 3 to pick from) within a week of listing it. Third, their lease agreement requires a much higher deposit and spells out exactly what is expected upon vacating the house. It also includes the deposit penalty if that expectation is not met. Lexi was so helpful in setting priorities of things I should do as far as repairs from my previous, disastrous renters. There was no pressure to make everything perfect. In fact, Lexi was more concerned with my financial ability to do the repairs. The stress of owning rental property is gone. I know TRE is randomly checking on the house, collecting the payments and all other hassles that go along with rental properties. They even go to protest the property taxes! I can’t say enough good things about TRE!

    Liz Armstrong

    Rental owner of property in South Austin “Circle C

    Lexi and Matt of TRE have been such a blessing to me as a rental owner
  • I have never in my life had such an extraordinary incredible experience in working with Matt as my personal agent. He is warm, friendly, knowledgeable and very well experienced. Every step of the way I was so very comfortable and confident with his guidance, and the peace and joy in knowing he was getting the job done with excellent results. I was truly blessed to have met Matt and recommend his “TRE Home” experience for everyone seeking help in any area of real estate needs. You can expect the best in trust, integrity and satisfaction!

    Paul Panko

    You can expect the best
  • Lexi and her husband [Matt] came to me by referral.  I have been working with them for about a year now. We bought a new house and put the previous home up for lease. We were actually working with someone else at the time. While our previous realtors were great for the property purchase, we wanted to compare them against someone else for the longer term commitment of property management.  That is when I got the referral to TRE.

    We had used still another company for property management in the past.  We were able to keep the property but we lost money on it. That experience taught us to ask a lot of questions before choosing a property management company.

    We interviewed Lexi at length and were impressed with her and her husband’s experience and philosophy.  We asked the same questions of the group we had been working with and ultimately decided to go with Lexi.

    The differences in fees were these. The folks we were looking at were offering a high up front cost, something like 80% of the first month’s rent, but then a low flat rate fee.  Basically $99/month.  At the time, Lexi was offering a 50% fee of the first month then 8-10% of the rent thereafter.  It worked out that Lexi’s fees would be slightly higher, but here’s the kicker. With a flat rate fee organization, those folks had no incentive to reap the best market value for the rent.  With Lexi’s percentage based fee structure she has every incentive to get the best rental rate the property will bear. The side benefit to this is that the higher paying tenants will also likely be more invested in keeping the property in good shape. These were all outstanding benefits that helped sway our decision.
    Regarding service, Lexi and Matt have a strong regard for the tenants that they place. This makes them more accessible to the tenants as well as to us. They have been tremendously responsive and have a plan for when they are not available. This was something neither of the other two groups had a good answer for.
    Their statements are timely and available by web portal. Payments have been timely and issues have been resolved quickly and efficiently. They are everything we could have wanted in a property management company.

    We have been very pleased with Lexi, Matt, and TRE. They are good people. They have a plan for growth and we plan to grow with them. We are planning to add a couple of more properties with them this year. I’d be happy to talk more about them if you have specific questions. Oh, and yes, they got top dollar on our property and we are cash flowing.

    Joe & Cassandra Brecht

    Rental owners of property in Wells Branch- looking to gain additional rentals in the near future

    They have a plan for growth and we plan to grow with them