Give First, The Rest Will Come

Guest Blogger and Real Estate investment leader Stephanie Banno Share’s her insights, encouragement, and perspective on being a giver, something we at TRE appreciate. As you can see from her story, when someone focuses there efforts from a place of contribution, abundance follows.


In late 2018, I was working with an Austin realtor who told me about a Facebook Group for women in real estate. She told that this group was originally based in Pennsylvania. In January 2019, the founders of the group reached out to the community asking for ladies to be local organizers.  At that time, I had very few realtor contacts and only knew a handful of women that invested in the Austin market. I saw this as an opportunity to start building out my network and gain more knowledge about real estate investing from guest speakers and members. I started combing through various real estate groups on Facebook for potential members and began inviting them to upcoming events. I held my first local meeting in February of 2019 with approximately 20 ladies in attendance. I was excited to for my first event even though the crowd was comprised mostly of my personal friends and family.

When I originally started this group, I remember thinking to myself, “I don’t know any women in Austin. I don’t have enough experience as a real estate investor. How I am going to contribute to this group???” After jumping in I quickly recognized that even with my limited experience I had something to offer to the real estate community. There was a need in the community for women to step up as organizers to help facilitate networking events for women. Even if I wasn’t an expert or have as many connections as I thought I should, I could help bring women together to share their stories. I could provide an opportunity for female investors to network, grow, and learn from each other.

Fast forward 7 months, we now have over 350 members on our local Meetup group. We also have over 100 members on our local Facebook group which we started just one month ago. I originally started this group to build out my network and learn about real estate investing. However, this group has evolved and I’ve learned is so much bigger than me. Women have approached me after meetings expressing their excitement for the group and thanked me for creating a safe and supportive local group for women. Several members have shared their real estate success stories with me acknowledging the contributions from this group in their success. This has been a truly gratifying experience to know that I’m helping women in my community grow their business and feel supported in doing so.

This experience has truly taught me the importance of surrounding yourself with a solid network that is compromised of like-minded, supportive and knowledgeable people. If you think you have nothing to offer because your new, you’re wrong! I encourage you to network with as many people as you can and take the lead on one small thing. You never know how monumental one small step in the right direction can be.

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